The history of Christmas ornaments


By Ashley Irwin

Christmas trees were not always adorned with the kinds of ornaments we see today. The history of Christmas ornaments is a long and interesting story and Christmas trees from centuries ago may not even be recognizable to people today.

Originally, Christmas trees were decorated with things like fruit, nuts, flowers, and sometimes small sweets and pastries. Baubles, the round glass ornaments we know today, were invented in the 15th century, and as Christmas became more and more popular, the look and feel of baubles evolved. The idea of decorating Christmas trees actually began in the 15th century in Germany. As Christianity spread, more regions in Europe began celebrating Christmas and ornaments became a major part of the holiday season.

Christmas became popular in the United States in the 1800s, and mass production of ornaments began. The ornaments that most people used were of German origin and were just simple glass blown designs. In the 1970’s, Hallmark sold a set of collectible ornaments that were so popular that they sparked the current tradition of using ornaments to decorate Christmas trees.

The style of ornaments has changed with history. Ornaments were once quite simple, but as time went on, the designs became more eclectic and festive. The media also affected the design of Christmas ornaments with characters like Rudolph and Frosty the Snowman. These days, you can find a Christmas ornament for just about everything from sports teams to iconic film characters.

While ornaments have changed immensely over the years, they are still one of the most iconic parts of the holiday season. Decorating the Christmas tree is an activity that families have always enjoyed, whether or not they were adorning their tree with fruit or a glass ornament of a silly cartoon character. The style of ornaments will probably continue to evolve with society, but one thing that will stay the same is the novelty of getting to decorate the Christmas tree every year.

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