Son of Rutherford County Schools Director Hospitalized After Storm Accident


UPDATE: May 13, 2024 – Jimmy Sullivan posted an update on Asher’s current state on Sunday.

Sullivan says Asher has had tough moments with pulse, blood pressure, and breathing on Saturday night. The MRI shows part of the brain herniating into his brain stem, and severe damage to nearly all areas of his brain. Sullivan added that while Asher is not in imminent danger at the very moment, recovery does not seem possible.

“Despite what we were seeing with Asher each moment, we still were hoping against all odds. Unfortunately, the worst case scenarios seemed to have come true. Kaycee and I have some impossible decisions to make in the next few days that no parents should have to face. Please pray for our family and our sweet Asher,” Sullivan said.

Original Story:

The youngest son of Rutherford County Schools Director Jimmy Sullivan was involved in a tragic event Wednesday night after the May 8 storms.

Sullivan says his 10-year-old son, Asher, got caught in the storm drain and was swept under the neighborhood streets as kids were playing while the neighbors helped clean up debris from the storm.

When Asher was rescued from the drainage ditch, CPR was administered for quite some time. His heart beat was reestablished but the damage is substantial, Sullivan said Thursday.

Asher is currently at Vanderbilt in critical condition. Sullivan says Asher’s lungs are severely damaged and he is not showing much brain activity outside of muscle jerks.

RCS is organizing a voluntary prayer vigil for the community that will be held at the RCS District Office Thursday at 2 p.m. All are invited to attend and show support for the Sullivan family.

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