Rutherford County Power Outages

Power Outage Map Courtesy of http://www.mtemc.comMid TN Electric Twitter

Unexpected power outages

Print this page and keep it in a safe place in case of unexpected outages.

If your lights go off suddenly, there are two possible causes:

  1. Your main fuse is blown or a circuit breaker in your box has opened.
  2. There is a problem on our lines.

First, try to determine if the problem is in your house or on our lines. If the neighbors’ lights or street or security lights are still on, check your main switch panel.

If you have circuit breakers:

  1. Flip the main breaker handle to the OFF position, then back ON.
  2. If none of your lights or appliances work, call MTEMC at 1-877-777-9111.
  3. If only part of your lights are off, check branch circuit breakers by switching them OFF, then ON. Some breakers have to be pushed very hard to re-activate.

If you have fuses:

  1. Buy and keep on hand replacement fuses of the proper sizes for main and branch circuits.
  2. Pull out the main fuse block and replace and then try them one at a time. You generally cannot tell if a cartridge fuse is blown simply by looking at it.

If you are satisfied the trouble is not in your house, call 1-877-777-9111. If you observe flashes along the line, trees down in the wires, wrecks, etc., please report these to help get power back on faster.

If you cannot get a phone call through because the line stays busy, try every 30 minutes. It may be that the cause of your trouble is different from others, and it’s important we know YOU are out of service.