Murfreesboro City Manager to Step into New Position

Craig Tindall

Beginning July 2, 2024, current City Manager Craig Tindall will be stepping down as Murfreesboro’s City Manager and will become a special counsel attorney for the city. He announced his stepping down at the most recent City Council meeting. 

In his new position, Tindall will be providing legal and financial council to staff at the Murfreesboro Airport, help establish and serve as administrator over the new Solid Waste Authority and Sports Authority, and serve as the administrator for the board of directors that will be overseeing the Murfreesboro Community Investment Trust which was established from the proceeds from selling Murfreesboro Electric Department to Middle Tennessee Electric. Tindall will be taking a 50% pay cut as he steps into the new position, which will pay $110,000 per year.

While Murfreesboro Mayor Shane McFarland praised Tindall for establishing a more efficient management team and putting the city into excellent financial shape, Tindall also has detractors. He ran head to head with Boro Pride and the American Civil Liberties Union costing the city $500,000. It was also during his administration that property taxes were raised by 35.8% in 2019. 

Tindall came to Murfreesboro in 2015 from Arizona to accept the position as Murfreesboro City Attorney. Three years later, he was made city manager by the Murfreesboro City Council who chose to promote him instead of interviewing finalists recommended by a national search firm that they had paid $65,000. 

He replaced Jim Crumley, who was the interim City Manager, succeeding former City Manager Rob Lyons. Lyons agreed to vacate the job in 2017. Lyons took the job after Roger Haley retired.

The City Council hopes to promote from within, using Human Resources Director Randolph Wilkerson to manage the search. They will be taking applications from interested employees in April and start the interviewing process in May. Only if they cannot find a viable candidate will they employ a search company. The new position will begin on July 2, 2024. 

Tindall has a degree in Business Administration with a focus on finance from Arizona State University. His law degree is from Southern Methodist University. Previous to his stint as a city attorney in Arizona for 12 years, he practiced law in both the public and private sectors for about 30 years. 

According to his city biography, Tindall was a board member of Valley Metro Rail during the planning, financing, and construction of the Greater Phoenix Area’s light rail system. He was also part of a leadership team that completed several large economic development projects, including the creation of a Sports and Entertainment District that incorporates facilities for four professional sports teams. And he served as counsel for a professional sports team.

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