MPD Starting Chaplain Program


Murfreesboro Police Department officials recently announced the start of a Police Chaplain Program. The program materialized as the agency considered new ways to bring the community together with the Department.

“The main principle behind this program is to bring community leaders together with the MPD before some serious event occurs and we rely on them for assistance, whether it be delivering tragic news to a family, assisting in a critical incident involving a community member, or simply acting as a familiar face to both the community and police officers,” said Chief of Police Karl Durr. “I have seen instances where community members felt comfortable asking questions to the Chaplain but not necessarily to an officer. The Chaplain was able to bring down the wall and help both the community and the officer better understand the situation.”

Other agencies utilizing a Chaplain program have reported positive benefits for members of the department as well as the community they serve.

“The scenes the officers respond to are sometimes catastrophic, and both the officers and the family of the victim who needs someone to lean on and talk to. This program is a step in that direction,” Durr stated. “We are taking applications for the volunteer position,” Durr continued, “I am thankful for those willing to stand up and help the community and our agency.”

To apply for the Volunteer Police Chaplain visit:

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