Mike Fisher’s Apparel Brand Partners With Tractor Supply

CATCHIN’ DEERS’, the lifestyle apparel brand for hunters, announced an exclusive partnership with Tractor Supply. The strategic partnership places CATCHIN’ DEERS’ apparel in more than 1,200 stores nationwide. CATCHIN’ DEERS has created a product assortment targeting the rural customer base, featuring hats, tees, long-sleeves, hoodies, and decals. The collection is now available in stores and online at TractorSupply.com beginning August 5.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Tractor Supply as we continue to grow the CATCHIN’ DEERS brand and expand our product lines,” said Mike Fisher, a co-founder of CATCHIN’ DEERS, an avid outdoorsman and former captain of the NHL’s Nashville Predators. “Tractor Supply is an authentic retailer for customers in our space, and they also share our passion and commitment to serve outdoorsmen and women.”

Founded in 2016, CATCHIN’ DEERS produces quality apparel inspired by the hunt camp and built for the hunter’s lifestyle. The company markets its products with lighthearted digital content that has carved a unique space in outdoor media. Online videos featuring partner Bud Fisher playing the “Rut Daniels” character have generated more than 15 million views on social media platforms.

The company is owned by Mike Fisher, Bud Fisher, Reid Faught, Austin Casselman, and Ryan Hawkins. The group of friends have hunted together for years and now operate the apparel business, generating millions in sales over the last four years. The company has grown sales by more than 190 percent each of the last two years. 

“What started out as six foam trucker hats for our friends has grown into a dynamic business and recognized brand in the outdoor industry, and we’re still having fun,” added Mike Fisher. “Partnering with Tractor Supply takes our brand to a new level and provides an incredible platform for future growth.”

Tractor Supply is the first national partner for the brand. Apparel and headwear styles sold in retail outlets and through the website will be exclusive to the retailer.

To order the exclusive apparel collection online, visit www.TractorSupply.com.