MFRD and MPD Work Together To Arrest Arson Suspect


Courtesy City of Murfreesboro

Murfreesboro Fire & Rescue Department’s Fire Marshal’s Office arrested a 17 year old juvenile Saturday in connection with five set fires in Murfreesboro during the month of February.

Four of the five occurred Saturday between the hours of 9:00 pm and 12:00 midnight. The juvenile began his stint of fires by igniting a dumpster at 602 Old Salem. Approximately an hour later, MFRD crews were called to Mill Street, where they discovered two separate fires: a trash fire at 428 Mill Street and trash burning against vinyl siding at a residence located at 432 Mill Street.

Around midnight, crews responded to yet another fire at 614 Old Salem, where they discovered burning toilet paper rolls which appeared to be thrown into the unoccupied home through a broken window.

Murfreesboro Police Department and MFRD’s Fire Marshal’s Office questioned several eye witnesses who were able to point them in the direction of the young male who later confessed to setting the fires. After questioning the juvenile, MPD and MFRD were able to confirm that the juvenile was responsible for the above-mentioned fires. The subject also admitted to setting another fire on February 6 on Mill Street. According to Assistant Fire Marshal Michael Bartlett, this incident involved a Ford F-150 which was ignited with burning rolls of toilet paper.

The juvenile was arrested and charged with two counts of reckless burning and one count each of setting fire to personal property, arson, and aggravated arson. He was booked into the Rutherford County Juvenile Detention Center where he will remain until his court appearance scheduled for 1:00 pm Tuesday, February 16.

“Thanks to the great assistance of the Murfreesboro Police Department, we were able to solve five set fires in one night,” said Assistant Fire Marshal Michael Bartlett. “We are very grateful for their help with the investigation and appreciate the teamwork of all agencies involved.”

There is no further information to report at this time. Updates can be anticipated after Tuesday’s court appearance.