Pierre Burns
Pierre Burns


The late morning fatal shooting of a man inside a car in the parking lot of the Hamilton Church Road Wal-Mart appears to be drug related.

The investigation shows that Pierre Burns Jr., 27, of Lavergne, and the victim, who has been tentatively identified as a 23-year-old Alabama man, drove into the parking lot in separate vehicles as part of a prearranged meeting. The victim got into Burns’ black Chevrolet sedan after which, according to Burns, the victim put a gun to his head and attempted to rob him. Burns, who was also armed, said a struggle ensued inside his car and that he fatally shot the victim.

After the shooting, Burns took a satchel from his car and threw it under a bush at a neighboring building. Officers recovered the satchel and found it to contain marijuana and numerous pills. Burns walked back to the shooting scene and was detained by South Precinct officers.

Two semi-automatic pistols were recovered at the scene.

Burns’ claim of self-defense remains under investigation; however, he will be booked tonight on drug, gun and evidence tampering charges.

Homicide Unit Detective Gbewa Mustapha is leading this investigation.