Deputies earn Community Service awards
Sheriff Mike Fitzhugh, right, presents five patrol deputies Community Service Awards for enforcing traffic laws that reduced fatalities and crashes last year in Rutherford County. From left are Patrol Capt. Chris Haynes and Sgt. Michael Rodgers, recipients Cpl. Kyle Frazier and Deputies Austin Watson, William Travis, Jacob Beu and Tyler Stewart, and Sheriff Fitzhugh.

Five deputies who worked overtime to prevent traffic fatalities and injuries in 2019 received Community Service Awards from Sheriff Mike Fitzhugh.

Deputies earning the award were:

· Deputy William Travis.

· Deputy Austin Watson.

· Deputy Jacob Beu.

· Deputy Tyler Stewart.

· Cpl. Kyle Frazier.

Sgt. Michael Rodgers, who recommended the awards, said 39 people lost their lives in traffic fatalities and 239 people suffered serious injuries from traffic crashes in 2018.

To combat the high number of deaths and injuries, the Sheriff’s Office participated in DUI checkpoints, worked overtime to patrol for impaired drivers and conducted traffic safety-related events in 2019.

Once they started the increased enforcement and visibility, 29 people died in traffic crashes in 2019, 10 less fatalities than the previous year. Injuries decreased to 216, 23 less injuries than the previous year.

“These five deputies who volunteered to participate in enforcement activities played a vital role in helping save 10 lives and reducing serious injuries,” Rodgers said. “Their efforts had a substantial role in improving the quality of life in the neighborhoods and communities of Rutherford County.”

They worked 475 hours on overtime by enforcing traffic laws on the highways, roads and interstates in the county.

The Tennessee Highway Safety Office provided grant funds to pay most of the overtime for the enforcement.

Travis participated in 28 events, Watson in 21 events, Beu in 16 events and Stewart and Frazier, 15 events.