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This time of year, many families consider getting a dog (what a wonderful holiday gift!) But getting a dog is a large commitment for your family, and there are many aspects to consider before taking the plunge and bringing a new a dog home. So before you get your heart set on a dog, here are a few questions to ask yourself that may help you decide if your family is ready.

Is everyone in your family comfortable around animals?

If they are afraid of the animal, it can mean they are either more aggressive towards it or less comfortable in their own home. Getting an animal isn’t the cure for them being afraid of them, and forcing them, especially children to be less afraid is often the wrong approach. However, slowly introducing them to calmer animals of friends and family may be a good start to get them more acclimated.

Is everyone in your family respectful and compassionate towards animals?

They should understand that pets should not be tugged or hit, but instead prefer to be touched gently and left alone while eating. Everyone should understand that it isn’t always appropriate to interact with a pet, and they need to have some self-control to leave the animal alone at times.

Do you and others in your family have the time in your lives to care for the animal?

Giving food and water isn’t the only things that the pets need. They need attention, as well as, interaction to stay active and healthy. They also need regular check-ups, vaccines, and other regular veterinary visits to make sure they are at their healthiest.

Are you stable and able to make sure they are cared for when on vacation?

If you and/or your family is regularly on the move, a pet isn’t necessarily the best option for your family. On the other hand, if you are settled and will just need dog care during typical vacation times and you can make sure your dog is taken care of during that time, then it might be the right decision for your family.

Finally, is everyone in your family committed to caring for an animal?

If everyone is willing to pitch in and care for your new addition to the family, then it may likely be the right time to adopt a dog into your family.

Having a dog can be a lot of fun and entertainment for your family. Making sure that now is the right time can mean that you, your family and your new dog are happy. If you decide your family is ready for a dog, Three Dog Bakery in Franklin and Mt Juliet carries all the products you’ll need for bringing home your new family member. Stop by either location and their staff can help you pick out some great products, including holistic dog food and treats that will definitely put a smile on your new pup.

This article is brought to you by Three Dog Bakery. At Three Dog Bakery, they are committed to making premium, natural treats with high-quality meats, fruits, and vegetables. They select only wholesome ingredients to ensure dogs have balanced diets and wagging tails.Three Dog Bakery has two locations in Middle Tennessee: 1556 W McEwen Dr #112, Franklin, TN 37067 & 1982 Providence Pkwy #102, Mt Juliet, TN 37122.

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