CycleBar Murfreesboro Blends Support and Pushing Limits


As we think about New Year’s resolutions, one new workout option to consider is CycleBar Murfreesboro. Hope McDonald, one of the instructors, says that what she loves about CycleBar is that every rider can be at a different fitness level. It doesn’t matter if a rider is taking their first class or their hundredth class, they are solely responsible for their own ride and they can make it as challenging as they need. As an instructor, she acts as coach, guide, and inspiration to the riders. She is emphatic that there is never any judgement.

Going for their first ride at CycleBar, Abigail Miller and Kevin Lammons felt nervous and intimidated. For Miller, it was discomfort with the gym-type atmosphere that she imagined. For Lammons, it was not knowing what to expect. Both say that instead, they immediately felt at home.

“My fears were … calmed by a welcoming staff member asking me what my goals were,” said Lammons, “and then explaining to me his health journey. I had been there for five minutes and it was already like a family.”

Miller’s experience was the same. From the time she walked in the door, she felt like she was at home. Everyone working at CycleBar Murfreesboro was so friendly and welcoming that her fear of discomfort went away.

“They want to make sure you have everything you need and know everything you need to know before your ride starts,” said Miller. “They help you find the right shoe size, help get your bike set up, and give a little explanation of what all the numbers on your bike screen mean so you can be more effective during class.”

Lammons was given the option to go at his own pace, using whatever tension he needed to make it the ride he needed, making the class challenging, but doable.

“There are different types of riding styles,” said Lammons, “some with fast music and low tension, some with slow music and heavy tension, and my favorite— songs [where you can] close your eyes and reflect on yourself.”

Classes always ride to the beat. Miller explains that each class is different with regards to music, but it is always very upbeat. Expect a wide variety of music genres. The music for the class always feeds a high energy level.

“…Nine times out of 10 [it is] music you listen to now or used to listen to that you totally forgot about,” said Miller. “It always brings back good memories when it’s music I listened to years prior so I know the beat and can “sing” along while riding. It makes the time FLY by.”

McDonald explains that every forty-five-minute ride contains twelve different songs. Every playlist is curated by the CycleStar, what they call instructors. As a CycleStar, it’s important to make song selections that inspire the rider to want to give their best effort!

The energy is relatively high for 42 of the 45 minutes, with a three-minute interval where an upper body workout is included by using weights to give participants an opportunity to recover, catch their breath, and ensure they get a full body workout. McDonald describes the classes as a party on a bike!

“Some people clap and cheer during the class,” added Lammons, “and some people get in the zone and are more independent. Though it was a huge struggle, I didn’t give up. [I would tell any new rider], don’t give up and try it again!”

“I love CycleBar Murfreesboro so much, said McDonald, and am passionate about not only the amazing health benefits received from a fitness stand point, but also the community, relationships, and confidence that come along with being a member at CycleBar Murfreesboro!

“I LOVED my first class so much that I signed up for an unlimited monthly membership that day and haven’t looked back since,” exclaimed Miller.

CycleBar Murfreesboro
2249 Medical Center Parkway, Suite A
Murfreesboro, TN
Hours: 4:30 am until 8:00 pm, Monday through Thursday
5:00 am until 7:00 pm Friday
7:00 am until 8:00 pm Saturday
7:00 am until 6:00 pm Sunday

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