Annual Safety Drills Underway at Rutherford County Schools


A scenario where a teacher experienced trouble breathing tested the response by Siegel High School students, teachers and staff during an annual safety drill conducted by school resource officers Wednesday.

Students and teachers wearing masks were evacuated safely outside for a few minutes while staff responded to the mock emergency.

Principal Larry Creasy, assistant principals, teachers and a school nurse evaluated the response with SROs Roscoe Sanders and Kyle Grisham, who coordinated the 33-minute drill.

“All in all, it went really smoothly,” Grisham said.

SRO Sgt. Scott Culp said SROs are conducting the annual safety drills in all 48 Rutherford County Schools for two weeks. RCS’ Central Office and SROs worked together to develop this year’s drill.

“The best part of practice is preparedness,” Culp said. “We see what works and doesn’t work and the drill gives us an opportunity to refine plans.”

School officials announced the mock medical emergency of an English teacher. Students evacuated outside the school where teachers accounted for each student. SRO Sanders stayed outside with students while SRO Sgt. Irvin Turner monitored the response.

School medical team Assistant Principal Lorie Gober, who is CPR trained, and school registered nurse Allison Wadham responded with a wheelchair and emergency equipment to the teacher’s classroom with Grisham, driver’s education teacher Dallas Hill and Latin teacher Scott Cochran.

Principal Creasy and Assistant Principal Pamela Perkins announced the students could return to their classrooms.

Afterwards, SROs met with Creasy, assistant principals, teachers and the nurse to evaluate the drill.

Assistant Principal Ricky Parker checked with teachers and substitute teachers to make sure all students were counted.

Grisham said the drills put training in place.

“When it does happen, students already know what to do and it makes it easier to respond to a critical incident,” Grisham said.

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