Hand Tool Sharpening and Restoration
Make Nashville
Mon, Oct 15 6:00 pm

Keeping your tools sharp and in good working order is an essential skill in woodworking. Dull tools yield lousy results, require more force to use, and invariably lead to accidents. Come learn the basic techniques to restore and sharpen chisels and plane irons. We’ll demystify how these tools work, and why we sharpen them the way we do. We’ll primarily be using the scary sharp technique which uses a bare minimum of commonly available tools and supplies. Students will learn how to restore neglected chisels and hand planes. Students will learn how to sharpen a dull tool to razor sharpness. Students will work with chisels/hand planes, sandpaper, strops and jeweler’s rouge. Students will need: Wear old clothes (you will get dirty). A chisel or hand plane to sharpen (or you can sharpen one of Make Nashville’s) A honing guide (optional) A leather strop (optional)
Bridgestone Arena
Tue, Oct 16 7:00 pm
The Basement
Tue, Oct 16 7:00 pm
Grand Ole Opry House
Tue, Oct 16 7:00 pm
Ryman Auditorium
Tue, Oct 16 7:30 pm
American Legion Post 82
Tue, Oct 16 8:00 pm
The Listening Room Cafe
Tue, Oct 16 8:30 pm
Grand Ole Opry House
Tue, Oct 16 9:15 pm
Cannery Ballroom
Wed, Oct 17 8:00 pm