5 Ways To Tell If A Used Car Will Last




In Tennessee, where there are no lemon laws for used vehicles, it is important to know that if the used vehicle you are purchasing will last. In an ideal world, the maintenance on a used vehicle will be very minimal even in the first few years of owning it, but that is not always the case. Here are 5 ways to tell if the used vehicle you are about to buy will last.

1.Is it Reliable?
Many vehicles are known for their longevity while others have a history of breaking down. Research shows that manufacturers like Chevrolet, Hyundai, Honda and Toyota are reliable. Autoblog.com recently said the 2002 Chevy Silverado truck (pictured above) is one of their favorite picks for a used car. For those in search of a great truck, autoblog.com says this truck’s engine is durable and offers everything a truck-lover would want. Check out online sources like Consumer Reports to compare reliability, safety and other car features that are important to you before purchasing a used car.

2. Consider Buying a Car from a Rental Car Company
Some dealerships sell rental company cars. These cars are typically used for short periods of time, less than a year, and they keep them well maintained. Most of these companies keep their car serviced better and more frequently than private owners with many of them having their own experts dedicated to required maintenance. In addition, these maintenance records are highly specific and very detailed so that you see the full history.

3. Know the Car’s History
Car history reports can also reveal the reliability of individual vehicles you may be considering. These reports will include a history of major repairs and any accidents that may have happened. Many reliable dealers will offer you access to these reports free of charge. If they seem hesitant or won’t give you the report, often they are trying to hide something. Carfax is the most popular as it has been around perhaps the longest and often provides more detailed reports.

4.Do an Inspection
Car histories, unfortunately, don’t necessarily reveal everything. They are dependent on the people who do repairs on the vehicle to actually report it to the proper agencies. Therefore, you should also follow it up with a vehicle inspection of your own and by a mechanic. You should have a mechanic do an initial check underneath the hood and underneath the car to make sure everything looks the way it should. Make sure to drive it and be vigilant of anything that doesn’t sound or feel right; you want to make sure that the vehicle responds the way it should and seems safe. Most mechanics will do a diagnostic check on the vehicle inexpensively. If something is found, talk with the dealer. Many good dealers will work with you to get it checked and fixed.

5. Is it Certified?
Finally, if the vehicle is certified or still has a warranty or you can add a warranty, this is a good indication that the vehicle will last. Certified vehicles undergo more rigorous inspections and testing, have fewer miles and cosmetic problems, and typically have a warranty. In most cases, this means that the vehicle might cost a little more, but it also means extra peace of mind to have the backup plan of protection in case something might happen.

Checking these five things on a vehicle will help you make a good choice when it comes to buying your next used car.

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