5 Cute & Easy Halloween Costumes for Dogs


Halloween can be a fun time to socialize your dog and enjoy the holiday. It’s also a great time to love on, care for and dress up your dog in the cutest costumes. Here are 5 of the cutest Halloween costumes for your, which you can find at Three Dog Bakery in Franklin and Mt. Juliet.

Super Dog

If you are a Superman fan or simply think your dog may enjoy attacking the cape and tutu, this costume may be just right.

Bat Dog

This is for those owners that are a fan of Batman. Just like the Superman costume, the cape is sure to give your dog some fun, but the more traditional costume makes this great for both male and female dogs.


Too cute! Put these fairy wings on your dog for a quick and easy (but oh-so-cute) costume.


Are you a Star Wars fan? These Yoda ears are perfect and such an easy “costume.”

Dapper Dog

Your pup will look so handsome in one of these Halloween-inspired bowties.

Check out these options at Three Dog Bakery in Franklin (1556 W McEwen Franklin #112, 37067) and Mt. Juliet (1982 Providence Pkwy #102, 37122). Visit Three Dog Bakery onlineClick here to follow Three Dog Bakery on Facebook.

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