Why to Start Building Your Pool in the Fall

From Peek Pools and Spas


As the weather cools down, the last thing on your mind may be building a pool. However, it’s the perfect time to get started!

The team at Peek Pools is here to let you know the perks of getting your pool started this fall so that it’s ready for you to enjoy next summer.

Pool-Building Season

The height of the pool-building season is the summer. As things warm up, everyone wants a pool and contacts their local builder to get it done. By waiting until fall, builders aren’t as busy, so you are more likely to have your top pick available.


If you start your pool in the spring or summertime, you’ll miss a large chunk of pool season. You’ll have to watch the builders in your backyard while summer flies by. By starting your pool in the fall, it will be ready to go when summer rolls around and you’ll have maximum pool use next season.

Backyard Takeover

When getting your pool built, there are going to be builders in your backyard with their construction equipment. As Fall is cooling down, you are going to be spending less time doing things outdoors. That means the equipment and workers won’t be in your way as much. With the kids in school, there is less time that they may want to run around the backyard and risk playing with dangerous equipment.

Cooler Weather

Working in the midst of the summer heat can be brutal in Tennessee. By getting your pool built in the fall, it allows for more comfortable working temperatures. Builders won’t be distracted by the heat and will be able to take their time and focus fully on building your pool.


After your pool is complete, you’ll want to add landscaping to your yard to make it picturesque. By starting your pool in the fall, you have ample time to spend during spring planting flowers and setting up your yard to have it perfect for backyard gatherings at the start of summer.

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