Veterans Memorial Park Playground Closes Temporarily for Renovation


The playground at Veterans Memorial Park will be closed for several weeks for renovations.

The old playground equipment was installed in the 90’s and was in desperate need of repair. The Board of Mayor and Aldermen approved in the Fiscal Year 2019-2020 budget for $200,000 of repairs to be done to the play structure. After months of working with the contractor on designs for surface and equipment, the new structure is finally ready to be installed.

“We are so excited about the changes coming to Veterans Memorial Park and can’t thank the Board members enough for their willingness to provide us with the funds to improve the park playground,” says Parks and Rec Director David McGowen. “This will make our play area more safe and inclusive for the kids who come to play at the park.”

Demolition started on Monday, December 30. Parks and Recreation crews began tearing up the old playground equipment and solid rubber surface. New play structures will be installed by the contracted company and the surface will be replaced with engineered wood fiber mulch.

“These are not your traditional playground structures,” says Director McGowen. There will be two new structures for 2-5 year olds and 5-12 year olds. In addition to the traditional slides and swings there will be a 19 foot tall rope climber, a 40 foot zip line and an all-inclusive merry go round that will be easily accessible to kids with disabilities.

Veterans Memorial Park will remain open during the renovations but the play structure area will be closed. It will take several weeks for the structures to be installed and for the new mulch to be spread. Follow La Vergne Parks and Recreation on Facebook for regular updates to the renovations.