Top 5 Stories From Aug 14, 2023


Here’s a look at the top stories from August 14, 2023.

Panini from Richard's Kitchen


Richard Alberts has worked in food service for almost 50 years, but never for himself. Always for someone else. That is until now. Read more.


Burger joint Hwy 55 will expand into Murfreesboro, reports Read more.

Hang in there, we may see a combination of heat advisories and Severe Thunderstorms today through tonight. But there will be a noticeable change for the better tomorrow. Read more.


The Murfreesboro Police Department issued an accuracy alert regarding a social media post. Recently, there has been a report on social media of the attempted kidnapping of a 20-year-old woman by two males, in their 30s, while taking out the trash near her workplace. Read More.


Murfreesboro road construction projects for August 13 – August 19, 2023. Read More.