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This is the Most Googled Coupon in Tennessee

Everyone is trying to save money right now and a great way to do that is coupons! A new study has determined the coupon Tennesseans search for the most and you just might be surprised by the results.

The research, conducted by financial site Forbes Advisor, analyzed five years of Google Trends data to establish the most Googled coupons in each U.S. state and the states that searched for coupons the most.

The study reports that Tennessee takes the top spot for states searching for coupons. The states which searched for coupons the most are (in order of number of searches): Tennessee, New Jersey, Maryland, Alabama and Texas.

The coupon most searched by Tennesseans is Marco’s Pizza, according to the study.

Highlights of the study include:

  • Tennessee searched the most for food delivery coupons, various companies lead in the results.
  • Five states searched for specific restaurants—Marco’s Pizza was searched the most in Virginia, Tennessee and Utah; Corner Bakery Cafe coupons was the top search in the District of Columbia, and Missouri wanted coupons for Sarpino’s Pizzeria more than any other brand.
  • Search interest for SHEIN coupons reached the highest all-time levels seen in December 2021 in California, Florida, Minnesota, Oregon and South Dakota. South Dakota recorded the largest increase in the study, where searches for SHEIN coupons skyrocketed by 1,231% above average levels during this period. Searches in Kentucky surged by 479% above the average search levels between 3-9 April 2022, reaching the highest levels seen in the state.

Commenting on the findings, Caroline Lupini, Credit Cards and Travel Analyst from Forbes Advisor said: “With rising costs across the nation and households feeling the squeeze on their pockets, coupons are a useful way of saving money on everyday purchases without having to switch from favored brands. This study reveals that coupons for fast fashion companies are the most sought-after in the U.S., followed by pet supplies, pharmaceuticals and food. There are some surprising outliers, such as Wayfair furniture coupons being the most popular in New Jersey, and Colorado’s ParkDIA seeing massive increases in search levels after pandemic rules were relaxed and travel became viable. It will be interesting to see how these trends develop over time as we keep an eye on the economic outlook during a market downturn.”


Donna Vissman
Donna Vissman
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