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10th Annual Simply Smyrna Celebrations Draws Crowd

Smyrna’s residents turned out in mass for the 10th Annual Simply Smyrna Celebration. The event honors the city and highlights the Depot District with...
simply smyrna

Simply Smyrna Festival Returns to the Depot District June 12

SMYRNA, Tennessee—The Simply Smyrna festival returns to the Depot District on June 12, 2021. Featuring five stages of music and entertainment, wine tasting, a craft...
simply smyrna celebration canceled

Simply Smyrna Celebration Canceled

Carpe Artista announces the cancelation of the 2020 Simply Smyrna Celebration, which was scheduled to take place Saturday, June 6th. "We know that this will...

Simply Smyrna Kicks off Arts and Entertainment Events in June

Simply Smyrna, which took place June 1, was the initial event of a whole month of activities celebrating the arts and entertainment in the...

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