RCS Students Dominate Choir Auditions


Rutherford County Schools is singing the praises of more student success stories.

This time, it’s high school choir singers who are showcasing their exceptional talents.

Mid-State and All-State choir auditions were held this past weekend and Rutherford County Schools had the highest number of students accepted from throughout the state of Tennessee, said Lindsay Halford, RCS fine arts coordinator. RCS had more students – 90 – accepted to Mid-State Choir than any of the other Middle Tennessee school districts and more students – 32 – make All-State Choir as well as Freshman Honors choir – 38 – than any other district.

“RCS choir teachers put in an incredible amount of work to ensure their students’ successes,” Halford said, “including working with students after school, organizing a Mid-State Choir workshop and working last Thursday night, Friday night and all day Saturday at the auditions, which were hosted by Siegel High School.

“Every chairperson for the Mid-State and freshman events is an RCS teacher showing their dedication to their students and to their craft.”

RCS students make up 23 percent of the Mid-State Choir and 24 percent of the All-State Choir, while 24 percent of Freshman Honors Choir represent the district.
RCS singers make up nearly a quarter of the ensembles, and perhaps more importantly, students from every high school that has a choir is represented.

“I’d venture to say we are the only district for which that is the case,” Halford speculated.
The Mid-State Choir and Freshman Honors events will be held Nov. 14-15 at First Baptist Church in Nashville. All-State Choir events will be at the Tennessee Music Educators Association’s annual conference at Gaylord Opryland in Nashville from April 5-8

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