RCS Responds To State Comptroller’s Findings


MURFREESBORO — The Tennessee Comptroller’s Office today released its investigative report on the Blackman High School Booster Club, and the report included several findings concerning the club and the former “head coach.” (Philip Shadowens)

The Comptroller has submitted the findings to the District Attorney’s office for review, and as such, the school district is limited on the information it can release.

However, the following information is pertinent to the situation:

·       Dr. Leisa Justus became principal of Blackman High School in June 2014, and a few months afterward, notified the district’s accounting office of questionable accounting issues related to the football booster club program.

·      Dr. Justus took steps to correct the accounting issues immediately and moved booster club funds into the school’s account to ensure proper financial and policy oversight, which is stated in the Comptroller’s report.

·      The district’s accounting office notified the Tennessee Comptroller’s office of the questionable accounting issues immediately. The district has cooperated with the Comptroller’s office fully during its lengthy investigation.

Requests for additional information concerning the investigation should be directed to the Tennessee Comptroller’s office.

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