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RCS Announces 2020 Graduation Schedule

If CDC guidelines permit, district intends to allow spectators to attend; also plans to live-stream each graduation

The Rutherford County Board of Education has endorsed a plan for high schools to hold graduations beginning in late June.

The intent of the plan, and the reason for postponing graduations until the summer, is to allow some spectators at the graduations as long as CDC guidelines permit such. The school district will monitor those guidelines as they evolve during the phased reopening of Rutherford County following the COVID-19 shutdown. Parents will be kept informed as the situation continues to evolve.

All graduations will be live-streamed on social media.

School Date Time Location
Blackman High School Monday, June 22 8:20 PM BHS Football Field
Rockvale High School Tuesday, June 23 6:00 PM Rockvale HS Theater
Oakland High School Tuesday, June 23 7:00 PM Ray Hughes Stadium
Riverdale High School Thursday, June 25 7:00 PM RHS Football Field
Central Magnet School Friday, June 26 7:00 PM Siegel High School
Eagleville School Friday, June 26 5:00 PM Eagleville School
Smyrna High School Friday, June 26 1:00 PM Smyrna High School
Stewarts Creek High Friday, June 26 6:00 PM SCHS Football Field
Siegel High School Saturday, June 27 7:00 PM Siegel HS Football Field
LaVergne High School Sunday, June 28 3:00 PM LHS Football Field
Holloway High School Friday, July 10 7:00 PM LifePoint
Rutherford County Adult High School

Online Summer School

Friday, July 24, 2020 6:00 PM Siegel High School


The graduation schedule for each school can be found HERE.

Clark Shelton
Clark Shelton
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