Plan Stunning Design Throughout Your Home with Custom Cabinetry


While many people thinking of cabinets might immediately imagine “kitchen” in their minds, your home will flow beautifully from room to room with custom cabinetry throughout. 

There are more options than ever to customize cabinets to fit your specific needs and lifestyle. Additionally, custom cabinets allow you to create a stunning visual impact with unique finishes and hardware. Almost any area of your home can benefit from well-placed cabinets designed by professionals.  

Move beyond the kitchen and consider expertly designed custom cabinetry throughout your home with French’s Cabinet Gallery, LLC.


bathroom cabinets

A luxury bathroom should be an oasis where you can seek refuge from the day. More than any other space in your home, it’s essential to have functional cabinets to organize your belongings and maintain your sense of peace. Custom cabinets consider your needs and aesthetics to bring a practical yet stunning space to life. 

Bar or Wine Cellar

wine cellar cabinets

Incorporate a wet bar or wine cellar into your home design for an impressive space displaying your liquors or wines collections. You can showcase your collection and perfectly prepare cocktails for your guests in a room devoted to your favorite beverages. With cabinets planned around temperature-controlled coolers, a sink, and well-placed storage, these rooms are the epitome of function meeting elegance for impeccable hosting.

Media Room

media room cabinets

Your television might be the star of the media room, but the cabinets will be the supporting actors in a space that offers endless recreational potential. Set the stage for a theater room that allows you to relax and entertain with ease. Built-ins contain all your electronic equipment for a flawlessly presented media wall. Install a bar and incorporate beverage coolers and storage for glassware so you never have to press pause on your movie night. 

Laundry Room and Closets

laundry room cabinets

The design possibilities for laundry rooms have evolved to fulfill various household functions. It’s not uncommon to see laundry rooms representing a significant amount of square footage in newer homes, as they now serve as the home base for laundry duties, pet care, housekeeping, and more. Homeowners love including cabinetry that makes this space multi-functional while maintaining a clean, organized look. 

Similarly, walk-in closets have become a major design focus for homeowners and offer an opportunity to use cabinetry to highlight a designer wardrobe. Your closet can be a masterpiece of form and aesthetics with custom cabinets that allow you to store luxury pieces properly and use lighting to display them attractively.

A Truly Custom Design

Bring your vision to life with custom cabinetry designed by French’s Cabinet Gallery, LLC. Experts plan each project with care to suit your lifestyle and preferences. For every area of your home, French’s can offer unique solutions to your needs for a home with exceptional beauty and optimized function.

Get started with your custom cabinets design today by calling French’s Cabinet Gallery, LLC, at 615-371-8385 or connect with us online.

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