Owners of Mill Creek take time for a pint at The Boulevard.

Joining Mill Creek Brewing Company’s Lil Darlin’, are Silo Farmhouse Ale, Landmark Vintage Lager, and Woodshed IPA. The release began Friday, May 13th in Mill Creek’s hometown of Nolensville, with the grand release into the Middle TN market beginning May 14. All beers will be available on draft in local bars and restaurants (Like The Boulevard, where it’s Beer of the Month), and cans in both major and independent retailers the week of May 23 (Kroger’s, Mapco, Twice Daily). Mill Creek’s Lil Darlin’, a citrus-infused wheat beer, has been available on tap throughout the Nashville area since the summer of 2015.

Like most breweries, Mill Creek started out in the garage of co-founder and CEO, Chris Going. Chris set out to craft some suds that his light-beer-loving brother-in-law would not only drink, but enjoy. He tweaked some traditional styles and other recipes he’d been working on, and focused on making beer that would just taste good. A few years later, Chris met Michael Krewson while they were both teaching music. The two homebrew aficionados quickly bonded over their love of well-crafted beer. Armed with Chris’ recipes and Michael’s business know-how, they came up with a plan to share their tasty brews with the world. And so Mill Creek Brewing Co. was born.

“Our focus on making approachable craft beer is really driven by consumers”, said Chris. “We think that many people simply want a great tasting, locally made beer that they don’t have to think too hard about; a beer that’s filled with flavor but also has the drinkability that allows you knock back a few and still talk right. We fuss over the flavor so you don’t have to.”

Mill Creek Decision “Easy One”

The decision to can their beer was an easy one for both Going and Krewson, including the ability to use mobile canning. “I think cans were a no brainer for us to opt for. Not only do they offer greater protection for the beer than bottles, but cans are more of the “norm” for our drinkers- a can fits perfectly in the cup holder of your lawn mower or in the stands of a ball game. Besides, you can fit way more cans of beer in a cooler than bottles”, said Becky Hammond, Mill Creek Brewmaster.

Canning equipment is costly for a startup microbrewery with high hopes of going beyond draft packaging. To address that challenge, Mill Creek has partnered with Toucan Mobile Canning. Toucan has the ability to bring their canning line into the brewery, hook up to the tank, can the beer, and then ship out the door.

With the new launch under their belt, the brewery is already plotting the future. Plans include an on-site taproom, which is still in the process of planning and construction, and will accommodate growler fills and tours when open. Samples will also be available in the taproom for curious customers.

But where can you find it now? This is one of those cool things about the website. Simply enter the website and enter your zip code for the interactive location map!

Mill Creek Brewing Company is located at  in the heart of  Nolensville, TN. For more information as it is announced, www.millcreekbrewingco.com.

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