New Music for You This Week – August 8, 2022


If you are looking for new music, we have created a list of established artists you might know and new artists you may want to explore.

1Travis Denning – “Might as Well Be Me”

photo from Travis Denning

Travis Denning announced his forthcoming six-song EP, MIGHT AS WELL BE ME, will be released on August 5.

“Last year and my most recent EP were all about thankfulness and being glad to have any live shows at all,” Denning says, explaining the drive behind a new creative chapter. “This time a lot of that is behind us, and it’s like ‘Alright, let’s get to work.’ Overall, I wanted this EP to feel like a setlist. And I wanted it to be a no skipper.”

Take a listen here. 

2Madison Station – “Back in the Day”

photo by Neville Simpson

Madison Station, comprised of Craig Anderson (formerly of Platinum-selling band Heartland) and lead-singer Lance Horton, have announced the release of their debut single and music video, “Back In The Day,” on Yellow Hammer Records.

Lance Horton speaks on the new single, saying, “We’ve all been in situations where we bump into old friends, and the topic of conversation either begins or ends with reminiscing about the good old days. Adults talk about college or high school. High schoolers talk about middle school. Middle schoolers talk about elementary days. It’s a topic prevalent in all ages and all walks of life. I think that’s why we love this song so much. It takes us back to a more innocent time – a time that for most is one of the best of our lives.”

Take a listen here.

3Hobbs Sisters – “If You Wanted To”

photo from Hobbs Sisters

 Twin country duo, Hobbs Sisters, release their newest smash single, “If You Wanted To,” that is sure to be the number one song on any August favorites playlist this month. Lauren and Hannah’s seamless harmony shines in this powerful track that tells the familiar story of questioning the status of a relationship. With a stand-out storyline, the twins put their foot down by agreeing to never put up with indecisiveness from a significant other.

Take a listen here. 

4Jacob Bryant- “Addicted to Heartbreak”

photo by Todd and Sara McPhetridge

Jacob Bryant releases “Addicted To Heartbreak,” available everywhere today. Written by Bryant, Nick Sizemore and Matthew J. Adkins and produced by Bryant and Jesse Triplett, the track combines heartache, regret and acceptance all wrapped up in a soulful ballad that chronicles the habit of choosing the wrong relationship.

Take a listen here. 

5Lia Caton – “Someone Like You”

photo by Kristie Schram

Lia Caton shares her heart and struggles on her debut album, Someone Like You, hitting all online platforms on Friday, August 5.

Take a listen here. 

6Jordan Harvey – “Alabama Girl”

photo by Catherine Powell
Scottish singer-songwriter, Jordan Harveytoday releases his solo artist debut with “Alabama Girl.”
Harvey’s solo debut finds him not so solo after falling for an “Alabama Girl.” A hopeless romantic hailing from blue collar rural Scotland, Harvey wrote the high energy song about a ‘Bama girl that captures his (brave)heart and introduced him to a whole new world…one that becomes his whole world.
Take a listen here. 

7A Thousand Horses – “Another Mile”

photo by Evan Kaufmann

Four weeks after the surprise release of their Country-Rock anthem “Broken Heartland,” A Thousand Horses are back with another cinematic single. This time, they’re mixing heartbreak, horsepower, and super-sized hooks into “Another Mile.”

Take a listen here. 

8Rachel McIntyre Smith- “Miss Highfalutin”

photo by Rachel McIntyre Smith and Margie Smith

Americana/country singer-songwriter Rachel McIntyre Smith has released her new single, “Miss Highfalutin” (from her forthcoming EP), today! Recommended if you like: Margo Price, Kacey Musgraves, Hailey Whitters, Brandi Carlile, Carly Pearce, Linda Ronstadt.

Take a listen here. 

9Craig Morgan – “How You Make a Man”

photo by Nate Griffin
Craig Morgan, Army veteran, Country music hit-maker and star of the CBS series Beyond The Edge, is back with another career song. “How You Make A Man.
“This song makes a powerful statement about how you have to go through things, and sometimes experience difficult things in life, to become a better human,” shares Craig.
Take a listen here.

10Matt Jordan – “One More Round”

photo by @sekondtry

“This is a really fun, upbeat and rocking song,” said Matt Jordan. “It’s an idea I’ve had for a long time and I was able to get it across the finish line once I brought in my buddies (co-writers) Justin and Jarrett. I write a lot about the one that got away or lost love. This song is about the one that got away that comes back into town for a weekend and the character in the song is hoping they can pick back up where they left off…. for one more round.”

Take a listen here.