vicky wiseman
vicky wiseman

Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office

An in-home health care worker was indicted for stealing approximately $457,000 from two Rutherford County residents and a church, a Rutherford County Sheriff’s detective said Monday.

Suspect Vicky Lynn Wiseman, 43, of Arnold Drive in Murfreesboro, was indicted on charges of theft over $250,000, forgery over $250,000 and identity theft on one victim; theft over $60,000 for a second victim and theft over $10,000 for the church, said Detective Jason Dowdle.

The first victim lost approximately $369,000, the second lost approximately $76,000 and the third lost approximately $12,000, the detective said.

Dowdle believes there may be more victims.

“If you have had financial dealings with Wiseman and feel you have been victimized, please contact your local law enforcement agency,” Dowdle said.

People who live in Rutherford County may call the Sheriff’s Office at 615-898-7770.

The investigation began in December 2019 culminating in the arrest Thursday.

Wiseman was working as a hospice worker and was accused of defrauding an elderly victim out of substantial amounts of money over the course of a year and a half.

During the investigation, a second victim and a third victim were identified. Wiseman is accused of defrauding these victims out of significant amounts of money over the course of a year.

The FBI became involved in the investigation early on and provided invaluable assistance in the case.

“This was a very complex and time consuming case,” Dowdle said. “With cooperation and assistance from the FBI, we were able to bring this case in front of the grand jury in half the time it would have taken us on our own.”

Wiseman is being held on $100,000 bond at Rutherford County Adult Detention Center. She is expected to receive copies of her indictments Nov. 23 in Circuit Court.