Murfreesboro City Employee Receives Award For Helping Co-Worker Who Fell in an Intersection

Mayor Shane McFarland recognizes Alexia Jakes with STARS Award
Photo by Jim Davis

Mayor Shane McFarland honored City employee Alexia Jakes with the STARS Award during the Aug. 3, 2023, City Council Meeting.

In June, Jakes showed compassion for a co-worker when she immediately responded to a call for help regarding her co-workers’ medical concern. Jakes, a Legal Assistant in the Legal Department, began working for the City as a Court Clerk in March 2019. She transferred to the Legal Department in October 2022.

City employee Aly Dabbs provided this description in nominating Jakes for the STARS award:

“I work for the City of Murfreesboro, and I am pregnant. I usually go for walks on my lunch break a few days a week, but yesterday I ended up passing out and fell in the intersection of Spring and East Main Street while crossing the street. I called Alexia, figuring she was nearby, and she responded immediately. Alexia did not hesitate for one second and came to my rescue within minutes. Alexia drove me to Fire Station One [located at 202 East Vine Street] to be checked out, contacted my doctor and husband, and offered comfort and reassurance in a very scary time. I believe that she demonstrated exemplary service in every way, and truly went the extra mile. I am very grateful to have her as a co-worker and friend. I ask that you consider her for the STARS award for this act of kindness and service.”

The STARS award nominations are reviewed each month by a STARS committee consisting of City employees who then vote for the nominees.

STARS stands for “Succeeding Through Attitudes Reflecting Service Excellence.” STARS are examples of representing the City in a positive light, exhibiting the core values, and creating a better quality of life for citizens.

The STARS Service Excellence program recognizes outstanding employees who embody the city’s standards for service excellence and exemplify the city’s core service values. The purpose of the STARS award is to recognize and reward those employees who go beyond their normal job duties in providing outstanding customer service to internal and external customers.

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