Statement Game For the Raiders

MTSU came out tonight and proved that last year’s success was no fluke.

Playing a team that was touted in the pre-season as the best basketball team in the state. Vanderbilt, was not ready for what awaited them.

The first half was a process of both teams feeling each other out, taking more jabs than upper-cuts. The usual suspects were stepping up early and often for the Raider’s. What would end up being a theme for the night, Giddy Potts, was feeling it! Tallying 15 points in the first half  and going 3-7 from behind the arc.

The low scoring first half would culminate with the Raider’s taking a 31-23 lead to the locker rooms.

MTSU Comes Out Swinging

In the second half the crowd might have paid for their seats, but they only needed standing room. As Reggie Upshaw, JaCorey Williams and crew rocked the rim time after time. Vandy, was left stunned in the second half, at times only being able to play the role of spectators on the court as Raiders raced by them.

MTSU would go on to show they are for real…again!  Defeating the Commodores by a staggering 71-48 margin.

MTSU’s next game will be Wednesday (12.14.16) in Nashville against the Bruins of Belmont. Game time is 7 pm.

Points Rebounds Assists
Potts, Giddy-27 Williams, JaCorey-10 Simpson, Edward- 6
Upshaw, Reggie- 14 Potts, Giddy- 9 Upshaw, Reggie- 5
Williams, JaCorey- 13 Upshaw, Reggie/Dixon, Tyrik- 6 Dixon, Tyrik- 2
Rebounds- 39 Rebounds- 33
Assists- 15 Assists- 9
FG %- 45.9 FG %- 32.1
Turn Overs- 6 Turn Overs- 13

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