5 Benefits of Purchasing a Massage Membership


By Ashley Irwin

When you think of memberships, you may think of gym memberships or special interest memberships, like to a yoga studio or climbing studio, but have you ever considered a membership to a massage studio? We know we ought to take care of our bodies, but often that is reflected in gym memberships, but a massage membership is just as helpful to our bodies as a gym membership. Massage relaxes and de-stresses us and helps heal and rejuvenate our bodies.

Locally, Elements Massage offers a membership called The Elements Wellness Program. This month-to-month membership includes savings on massages, unlimited roll-over sessions, membership-only specials, and much more.

If you are trying to decide if a massage membership is right for you (or right for someone you know – they make a great holiday gift), here are 5 benefits to consider:

1- Savings on Every Massage
Members receive at least $30 off each massage. Massage can improve your health and wellness, along with your emotional health. A membership allows you to enjoy the benefits of therapeutic massage therapy without breaking the bank.

2- Membership Specials
Members of The Elements Wellness Programs also receive gift cards at reduced rates, allowing them to share the gift of massage with their loved ones. This is the perfect time of year to give the gift of massage, so members can experience the joy of giving such a special gift at lower rates than non-members.

Also, special discounts are sent via email to members of The Elements Wellness Program. Members are the only guests with access to these deals and will get the most out of Elements Massage.

3- Unused Massage Roll-Over
If you skip a month of your plan, your sessions will automatically roll over to the next month at no extra charge.Roll-over sessions make The Elements Wellness Program practically risk-free.

4- No Obligation Contract
The Elements Wellness Program membership has no long-term contract and payment is handled through auto deposit once a month. If members decide to cancel their membership, they can opt out at any time with a 30-day notice. Members do not have to hassle with long-term contract details, so they can simply enjoy the wonderful Elements Massage experience with the perks of The Elements Wellness Program.

5-You can Share Your Membership 
Members can also share massages with designated members of the plan, such as a family member or significant other. It’s a membership that keeps on giving, because you can enjoy it and share it with a loved one.

Visit Elements Massage in Franklin at 539 Cool Springs Blvd #140, Franklin. Visit them online or call 615-771-0003 to book your appointment today.

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