That 1-3 p.m. time. The hours when more often than not, the “crash” sets in. Day is rolling along and suddenly, BOOM, you’re caught in a working quicksand. Time drags, mind drags, body drags. It’s just a …drag. Here’s 6 ideas from to help you get past the drag and back to being productive :

  • Take a walk : If you find your energy levels plummeting, take a quick 20 minute walk outside. Research shows that walking can help fight fatigue and boost energy levels, and spending time in natural light also has its own rejuvenating effects.
  • Eat a snack : Instead of reaching for a sugary treat, as many crave when their blood sugar levels drop in the afternoon, opt for a protein-filled snack or one full of complex carbohydrates. Studies show that eating complex carbohydrates can help keep you alert and energized over foods filled with fat.
  • Take a deep breath : Feeling more awake is as simple as taking a few deep breaths at your desk. Taking 10, slow, deep breaths per minute increases oxygen saturation in cells, which in turn can give you more energy and improve your cognitive ability.
  • Watch a funny video : If you’ve ever needed an excuse to head to YouTube, now you have one. Having a good laugh will not only boost your mood, but it can also help improve your energy levels, according to studies from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
  • Drink some tea : If you don’t want to hit up the coffee machine too many times, tea is a good alternative. It not only has a small amount of caffeine, but it can also help improve your mental alertness through the amino acid L-theanine.
  • Listen to some music : Putting on some upbeat music can help improve your arousal and decrease tiredness, according to a study published in the Journal of Musical Therapy. Music can also help productivity in the workplace.