Everybody Drum Some

Everybody Drum Some, the local percussion collective led by drum instructor Ross Lester, will present its spring Murfreesboro Community Rhythm Event at Mayday Brewery on Friday, March 29.

The collaborative drumming will kick off at 6 p.m. and Lester will lead the community drum ensemble in a celebratory session of rhythmic music making until 7:30 p.m.

As always, he invites everyone who would like to drum to join the group, and there is no charge to participate.

“Come join the community; come on and drum,” Lester says. And for people who are curious about how a community rhythm ensemble operates, the event is also “open to people who just want to be there and see it.”

The March 29 event, held in Mayday’s large brewery room, is all-ages and family friendly.

Lester and his drum disciples have made a habit of observing the rhythm of the changing seasons, and this late-March drumming installment will help ring in the arrival of spring with an original piece of music being created with friends, family, neighbors and other residents of Murfreesboro.

Participants can bring drums, shakers, tambourines, woodblocks or percussive instruments of any type, but even those who have no instrument may come out and use one from the extensive Everybody Drum Some collection.

No prior musical experience is required for folks who wish to join in.

Past drumming events have represented a wide variety of demographics in the community, with families, seasoned musicians, MTSU students, business professionals, grandparents, high school band members, military veterans and folks playing music together, as Lester conducts the jam.

While these group drumming sessions do allow for plenty of personal expression and various interpretations of the beat, Lester says the events are not so much a time for skilled drummers to put on a concert and impress others with their licks. Rather, they’re provided as an opportunity for participants to raise their percussive voices in unison with the group and to encourage musical participation from newcomers.

“It really is not at all about musical experience or talent or anything like that,” Lester said. “What’s amazing is that from the beginning of the evening to the end of the evening is the whole group really grows together in their ability to communicate musically.”

Many participants have enjoyed creating music and feeling the beat at previous Everybody Drum Some events, and organizers would like even more people to experience this community musical endeavor.

Mayday Brewery is located at 521 Old Salem Rd., Murfreesboro.

Everybody Drum Some will also participate in the Saturday, April 27, community Earth Day celebration on the Murfreesboro Public Square.

Additionally, the local percussion collective leads drum sessions at the VA, nursing homes, schools and churches.

“We’ll come to you,” Lester says.

For more information on Everybody Drum Some, upcoming community rhythm events and options for having the group at private engagements and organizations, visit everybodydrumsome.com or find Everybody Drum Some on Facebook.