DARKNESS TO LIGHT: Child Abuse Prevention



There are 2 training classes scheduled that will be held at the Police Department in the Community Training room.

Class One: Friday, April 7th from 9:00am – 11:00am

Class Two: Tuesday, April 18th from 6:15pm – 8:15pm

The training is called Darkness to Light which is a video-based training that provides information that empowers adults to prevent child sexual abuse. There are five adult survivors of child sexual abuse who talk about what happened to them in hopes of preventing other children from being abused. Darkness to Light provides adults with knowledge of 5 important steps in preventing child abuse:

Learn the facts
Minimize Opportunity
Talk About It
Recognize the Signs
React Responsibility
There is no charge for these classes.

If you have any questions contact Shirley Key, Smyrna Police Department (615) 459-6644

Additionally, we will be planting a Pinwheel Garden in front of the Police Department. on Friday, April 7th at 1:00pm. The garden will remain in place for one week as a reminder that every child deserves a great childhood.