UPDATE: Construction On Middle Tennessee Blvd.


construction constructtion constructionYou will start to see a change around Murfreesboro soon because one of its main roads is getting a makeover. A two year construction plan has just started which stretches from Main St to Greenland. They plan to widen the roads to four lanes, create turn lanes, and have decorative medians on Faulkenberry Drive. They will also be making all utilities underground.

MTSU students were sent an email before the construction began to warn them that traffic will be heavy on the road and if they can take an alternate route it would be advised. No parking lots will be closed until the summer when there are less students on campus. This project has been being planned since 1990 and the city said they are excited to see the outcome.

Taylor Drury, Engineer Project Intern, said, “MTSU has a job of representing Murfreesboro and I think that as the construction happens and the students and community get to see how great it is going to be with the decorative medians as well as updating everything, it’s going to be really nice.”

Workers seem to be moving at a steady pace with the project and hope to finish on schedule.