Channel 4 Gives Snowbird the Cold Shoulder


On Wednesday News Channel 4, WSMV Nashville, cut ties with a number of employees. On that list of notable names, one Steven Good, the man who has donned the Snowbird costume and moniker for 24 years. The Channel 4 cuts come in light of the stations recent decline in ratings. A situation several networks around the country are experiencing. In total seven people have been released from their duties at News Channel 4, Snowbird included.

The Snowbird character has played a pivotal role in several middle Tennessee children’s lives. Some Tennesseans fondest memories from their childhood might have a Snowbird sighting in them. Waking up throughout the night to keep an eye on how much snow has blanketed the ground and wagering your chances on if you’ll get out of school in the morning with your siblings. Finally, after all but ruling out your chances for a snow day, your mother calls you into the living room, and who is on the TV waiting for you? Who else, but Snowbird, with the best news you could receive as a kid.

Steven Good commented on his termination to the Nashville Scene,

“That’s what I think I brought to the character is that he wasn’t like a ficus plant. He was interactive and as real as Bill Hall or Lisa Spencer or anyone else.”

Steve’s career with News Channel 4 may be over, but for now it is unknown what will become of the “Snowbird” character. As it has been one of News 4’s longest running and most successful ad campaigns in the networks storied history. For now, it appears the scarf wearing penguin will not be part of the News 4 game plan, as the Snowbird Facebook account and Twitter page have been taken down, along with Snowbird’s sight on the Channel 4’s website.

Channel 4 is currently in flux, awaiting their new GM and Vice President, Dale Woods to assume the roles of now retired GM Doreen Wade.

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