Car’s Donor Chose ‘Empowering’ Wheels-to-Work Program


After buying a new car, Henry Newbold no longer needed his used Audi A4 Quattro. But the Franklin resident didn’t want to just sell it for a relatively small amount of money. He wanted to help somebody.

“The car was well-maintained and reliable,” Newbold said “I really wanted to find a home for it — to put it in the hands of somebody that could take advantage of it.”

Newbold began researching charitable car donation opportunities online and found Goodwill’s Wheels-to-Work program.

What Newbold likes about the Wheels-to-Work program is that it benefits employees or clients of Goodwill — people who seek help from the nonprofit organization to overcome a barrier to employment, such as a disability, a history of incarceration or a lack of skills. Goodwill’s mission is to change lives through education, training and employment.

Goodwill’s founder, the Rev. Edgar J. Helms, referred to the concept as giving someone “a hand up rather than a handout.”

Newbold also appreciates that the Wheels-to-Work program helps those same people achieve even more by providing them with transportation.

“That’s empowering or enabling someone to be able to take advantage of what Goodwill does,” he said. “It’s perfect — it just makes common sense.”

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