Boro Kabob Brings Flavors Fresh from the Middle East


Kyle Zahra opened Boro Kabob because so many people had requested a brick and mortar location to enjoy the foods his mother has been catering for the last eight years. Once they found the location, they decided to take the “big step” to have their own restaurant.

“Everything is homemade from scratch,” said Zahra. “Nothing is frozen. We make our own meats, falafel, and syrup for the baklava.”

He calls the flavors Mediterranean with a Persian twist, but Zahra has also definitely put his own stamp on many of the dishes. For example, they make traditional hummus, but they also have three of their own concoctions, including Beetroot, Cilantro Jalapeno, and Tomato Habanero. They use fresh beetroot and roast their own tomatoes and habanero peppers. The beetroot is perfect for those who prefer no spice, just ask them to leave off the cayenne. It has marvelous flavor all on its own.

Their two most popular dishes are the Mixed Kabob Plate offering chicken and beef, and the Braised Lamb Shank. He makes about 25 lamb shanks per day, and is usually sold out by 6:30 p.m. The lamb is marinated and then slow cooked beginning at 5:00 a.m. It is so tender that it falls off the bone. Both dishes are served with saffron rice or French fries and yogurt sauce.

The Chicken Tanuk Wrap is made of spiced cubed chicken breast, Middle Eastern pickles, and a sweet and kicky garlic sauce that Zahra calls Boro Sauce #2. He says that the pickles have a whole different flavor from American pickles. They have more heat.

Boro Sauce #1, also a Zahra creation, is a creamy white sauce that he uses on his chicken dishes. It is very flavorful without any spice. It simply enhances the flavor of the meat.

Falafel is also house made. It is offered as part of a salad, as an appetizer, in a bowl, as a platter, and in a wrap. The platter includes hummus, their most excellent stuffed grape leaves, tabouli salad and a choice of saffron rice or French fries.

Baklava and Saffron Milk Cake are offered for dessert. Thin layers of filo dough layered with crushed Turkish pistachios is served with their hand made simple syrup and Turkish Ice Cream. The ice cream takes two and a half days to make. The Saffron Milk Cake is made with a yellow cake that is covered in unsweetened fresh whipped cream and covered in condensed milk infused with saffron.

“The Turkish coffee to finish off was piping hot” said one review on Yelp, “freshly made, and strong like it should be. The portions on everything are generous. Recommend ordering several things and asking for extra plates to share all.”

Boro Kabobs offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. For breakfast, they have a selection of plates and breakfast burritos. Several omelets are available, including cheese or vegetarian. There is also a big breakfast, a falafel plate, and their ultimate burrito filled with everything breakfasty but the kitchen sink.

Like many of the local restaurants, they are suffering from the worker shortage and are a little lean on help, so during busy times of day there will more than likely be a wait. Several of the reviews make note of that. On off times, service is quick and they are more than willing to explain how the food is prepared and that their olive oil comes directly from a family farm in Palestine.

When local people who originally hale from the Mediterranean or the Middle East dine there, you know it is good and authentic. They do. And it is.

Boro Kabob
306 West Vine Street
Murfreesboro, Tennessee
Hours: 8:30 a.m until 8:00 p.m.