UPDATE-Alabama Leak Will Lead To Rise In Gas Pricing


UPDATE: 9/16 at 1:20 p.m. …

Reports are starting to come in via twitter of outages in Clarksville, Spring Hill and Columbia of outages. A look at the recent Gas Buddy pricing in Spring Hill already shows a .20 cent overnight increase per gallon. Alabama and Georgia remain in States of Emergency as the problem continues to spread North and East. As of now we are seeing no significant gas price increases in Rutherford County.


Original Story posted 9/16:

A gasoline pipe leak in Alabama has lead to states of emergency being issued in Alabama and Georgia, with Tennessee to be in for significant projected price increases.

The leak is being fixed, but gas prices in Tennessee are projected to rise as much as 18 cents per gallon by end of the weekend.


The chances of some stations running out of gas is also a possibility.

We will monitor the situation as it develops and keep you informed.

Here’s the latest Gas Buddy map:



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