There’s something about going into a barbershop that is a rite of passage. It is one of those things that a dad does with his son when he is at a certain age: that age when a boy is no longer a squirmy baby, but not quite a tween.

In the old days, it was just a thing that happened, then unisex salons hit the scene and barbershops almost faded away.

They’re back!

Some of the old ones hung on during the dry spell. While Rutherford County boasts more than 30 barbershops, here are a few standouts.

1. Shave Barber Lounge

Shave, which came on the scene in 2012, has made a point of “making a man feel like a man.”

Pedro Lara, manager of Shave, says they strive “to create an atmosphere where guys can talk about guy stuff,” said Lara. “But we are also family friendly.”

Shave offers old-style shaves (straight razor shave and hot towel) with up to date hair design.

130 N Church St, Murfreesboro & 2395 New Salem Hwy
Hours: Mon-Fri 9am – 6pm, Saturday 8am – 3pm (Church St location); 8am- 4pm (New Salem location), closed Sunday
Church St: 615-679-3409
New Salem Hwy: 615-410-1815

2. WoodsViking Barbers

Woodsviking keeps beards trimmed, be they fashionable scruff or ZZ Top long. And they carry their own line of hair and beard care products to keep their client’s hair looking good.
Seeing a need for hair products for the increase in bearded men coming into their barber shop, founders Shawn Templeton and Arron Danbey began experimenting with different formulas and launched their first four products in 2014.

As it says on their website, “When you’re a barber, there’s no covering bad work.”
To book an appointment, you can go online and choose which barber you want to book with, just click on the photo of the barber of your choice. You will see a listing of his availability and a trim up is just one more click away.

15 S. Public Square, Murfreesboro
Hours: Monday-Saturday (by appointment)

3. Pastime Barber Shop & Pool Room

Newer shops like Shave and Woodsviking have worked to create that barbershop vibe, while Pastime Barber Shop & Pool Room oozes old style charm. That is because it is the oldest barbershop in town, opening its doors in 1904.

Al Capone used to get his hair cut here when he passed through town when driving between Chicago and his home in Florida. He also enjoyed the speakeasy that used to be on the second floor.

Charlotte Chrochette, one of four lady barbers, said “I like to say we offer a hundred dollars of therapy for twelve dollars, and a free shave.”

What makes it unique is that in the back of the shop there are two pool tables, a snooker table, and a few arcade games. This is the place to soak up some history, get a haircut, and have a great time playing a game of pool.

116 S Maple St, Murfreesboro
Hours: Mon-Fri 8am – 5pm; Saturday 8am – 2pm, closed Sunday

Barber Shops are On the Rise
These are but a few of the barber shops in Rutherford County. Each has a unique personality, but they all offer that “thing” that makes them special; a place where a boy becomes a man by getting a haircut and joining in the conversation – mainly sports.


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