Weekend Weather Forecast: Warmer Temps On The Way


Our “winter wonderland” will stick around a little bit longer as the National Weather Service predicts the temperature will not get above freezing Friday for most areas. We will see the sun today, which will help to start melting the ice and snow but it won’t be enough to melt everything away.

temps for feb 19
Photo from NWS

Slick Roads

With that said, many roadways will continue to be very icy. While primary roadways have been treated, many secondary roadways will continue to have ice, snow or both and black ice will be a major problem, reports NWS. As temperatures were in the teens Thursday night, any moisture on the ground will have turned to black ice overnight.

Weekend Forecast

Saturday: The temps start to warm up Saturday when we reach a high of 41 and a low of 22. We can expect a sunny Saturday with calm winds.

Sunday: Sunday will be even warmer with more sun and a high around 50. Showers are likely Sunday night after midnight with a low around 34. The chance of precipitation is 60%.