Valentine’s Day Weather: Mixed Emotions


So Old Man Winter is going to show his love to Mother Nature in a variety of ways over the next 24-36 hours. Snow, Ice, rain, cold and warm temps are all in the forecast. Here’s the breakdown at this moment according to the National Weather Service:

  • Tonight a low of 22 with flurries possible
  • Sunday a chance of a dusting of snow before noon and then a rain/snow mix with sleet and ice possible . Possibility of up to .1″ of sleet and snow possible
  • Sunday night a chance of rain and sleet before changing to all rain.
  • President’s Day: All rain and temps in low 40s.
  • Main impact will be on the roads, especially bridges and overpasses.
  • Timing on Sunday is still uncertain, but roads could be slick for those leaving church.
  • NWS warns that this forecast could change hour by hour. Rutherford Source will keep you apprised of changes on their Weather Page with LIVE weather radar. Also, thru social media on twitter @RutherfordSRCE and on Facebook.
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