Top 5 Pre-Owned Luxury Cars to Consider this Holiday Season


By Ashley Irwin

The Holidays are approaching quickly and what better way to start off another year than by purchasing a great car. Here are the top 5 used luxury cars for you to choose from:

1. Audi A3
The Audi A3 was made back in 2012. It is a sleek and stylish vehicle that still has the practical use of a sedan with plenty of cargo space and rear passenger seating. A3s always catch eyes on the road and are a blast to drive. The original price for the Audi A3 was $27,270, but they are now offered used at around $19,000. The A3 is the perfect luxury car for anyone looking for fantastic style and practicality all in

2. Land Rover LR2
This car is perfect for anyone looking for a luxury car to drive smoothly around town but also craves the off-road experience. The Land Rover LR2 has four-wheel-drive that gives the car all of the necessary traction it needs to take its driver on any adventure. The original sticker price was $35,700, but a 2012 retail price listed it for $21,650. Any driver looking for a fantastic and versatile luxury car but does not want to break the back will be the perfect match for the Land Rover
3. Lexus CT 200h
The Lexus CT 200h has incredible gas mileage and is a gas/electric-powered hybrid. This four door hatchback is the most affordable used luxury car in its class. With 43/40-mpg city/highway, drivers can enjoyable a luxurious and sporty vehicle that will not require many trips to fill up the tank. The smooth drive and comfortable and stylish interior make the Lexus CT 200h the best choice for a used luxury hybrid. 2012 models retail around $20,
4. Lincoln MKS
The original price for the Lincoln MKS was $41,500, but now a used 2012 model costs around $22,400. This vehicle is one of the largest sedans for the price when compared to other luxury cars of this size. The Lincoln MKS fits 5 adults and has an ample sized trunk. The vehicle drives smooth on the highway and has a 273-horsepower V6 engine. The car is perfect for drivers looking for room to fit their whole family comfortably into a luxury

5. Mercedes-Benz C250 Sport Sedan
This sedan is the optimal used luxury car for the sports car loving drivers out there. The Mercedes-Benz C250 Sport Sedan has a used retail price of around $23,000 and all of the specs that a driver could enjoy. The sedan is sure to please with fantastic quick handling and a smooth, luxurious ride. A comfortable interior tops off the great features of this sedan.mercedes-benz-c250

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