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B.C Saddler and Charles Smith’s prayers were answered when they received the opportunity to become the first Slick Pig franchisees. Their new restaurant is targeted to open on September 10 in Smyrna in the Plaza Center shopping center, located behind the Tractor Supply Company store off Nolan Drive. Both men have been long-time fans of the restaurant in Murfreesboro, and they are excited to bring their favorite food to their hometown.

“They make the best wings,” said Saddler. “It’s the hickory smoking that makes them so good. No one does anything like them.”

Saddler has been savoring the idea of having a Slick Pig franchise for ten years and began working on making it happen about five years ago when he bought the shopping center and moved his church, Pentecostals of Smyrna, into the space.

“We want to create more than jobs,” said Saddler, “we want to build a community that works together.”

It was not only the food that drew Saddler and Smith to the business, it was also their business model. Slick Pig is not opened on Sunday or Monday, they don’t do breakfast, and they do not serve alcohol. All of these things create the family-friendly atmosphere that they want to bring to the space that was once upon a time the church’s fellowship hall.

“Slick Pig’s business model will allow us to find good people [as staff] because they do not have to be in really early,” said Smith, “and they are out by eight. They are human hours.”

Having worked in the restaurant industry for 25 years, Smith had long been hoping for a place of his own. He mentioned his desire to Saddler, his pastor, and the men met many times at the Slick Pig to discuss their idea.

“I prayed about it for a long time,” said Smith. “I don’t want it to be a company that just takes from the community, but to use it to support people who need it. I want it to be a financial resource for the Lord to bless other people.”

One of the ways they will honor others is by honoring those in the military who have fallen in battle defending our country and our freedoms.

slick pig smyrna staffThey have also stepped out into the community by introducing part of their menu at the recent Smyrna Depot District Barbecue Festival. Their booth was so popular, they sold 700 wings and 80 pork sandwiches in an hour and a half. As a matter of fact, they ran out of food early because they really didn’t know what to expect. More than 2,000 showed up for the event. They plan to be better prepared next year, but they learned a lot about the market where they served their food at the event.

“About 65% of the people we talked to knew we were opening the restaurant,” said Saddler. “Another 35% said they thought it was cool that we were opening a store in Smyrna. And 10% said, ‘What’s Slick Pig?’”

They are excited about sharing Slick Pig’s great food with the people of Smyrna. Besides wings, they will also be bringing another Slick Pig specialty, Brunswick Stew. Brunswick Stew is of southern origin, coming from either Virginia or Georgia. It is made of small game meat, originally squirrel, and left-over vegetables like beans, corn, and okra. Slick Pig’s version is made from a blend of smoked meats.

“It is great any time of the year with cornbread,” said Smith.

Another Slick Pig exclusive they will have is Jojo’s Fruit Tea. Over 25 gallons were served at their booth at the Barbecue Festival.

One thing that they are going to add that Slick Pig doesn’t carry is soft serve. There is very little competition in Smyrna, and they feel it will be a good addition. One that the original store may be picking up.

“With the new round-about the city is putting in,” said Saddler, “the ball fields, Stars and Strikes, the Skate Center, and the Water Park, we feel we are going to be in the right place at the right time.”

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