Rutherford County Schools to Close Aug. 21


Our School Board voted tonight to close schools on Monday for the eclipse event because of concerns about safety. There is a growing concern that students of all ages may not follow safety instructions and our teachers will not be able to ensure everyone is following the protocols to safely view the eclipse. The bus ride home is also a concern because students will have less supervision during a time when the partial eclipse is still viewable.

In addition, we have heard several reports from schools and parents about widespread absences that are expected Monday. Many parents have expressed they want their children to experience the event as a family or with other groups, such as the Boy Scouts.
So for all these reasons, Rutherford County Schools will be closed on Monday, Aug. 21. We are distributing the eclipse glasses that were donated by MTSU and they will be sent home with students. Glasses are being distributed to employees as supplies last.

In addition, there are multiple community events that are available for viewing the eclipse. MTSU is hosting a large event on its campus beginning at 11 a.m., and the university has invited everyone to join in. In addition, there are events at the Stones River National Battlefield and at Lee Victory Park in Smyrna.

Thank you for your cooperation and your patience while this difficult decision was made, and I hope you have a good evening.