Rock Springs Retreat Center to Offer Specialty Weeks Focused on Marriage, Friendship, and Yoga

photo from Rock Springs Retreat

Rock Springs Retreat Center, a 24-room resort and retreat center located 45 minutes from Nashville on 200 acres in the lush green hills of Middle Tennessee in Castalian Springs, introduces brand-new specialty programming in 2024 for yogis, hikers, couples, best friends, families or those going through menopause.

Rock Springs Retreat Center helps people hit the reset button with experiences that promote physical activity and emotional wellbeing. Guests leave Rock Springs feeling vital, alive, and connected. The new 2024 offerings will allow visitors to enhance their experience by selecting a specialty themed week, with each catering to a different niche.

· Together Forever: Couples Week – From relationship life coaching to bond-strengthening exercises to couples’ fitness classes, guests will be challenged with creating connection and building upon their relationship foundations through partner-focused workshops.

– Couples Weeks are offered February 11-18, August 11-18 and October 13-20

– All-inclusive rates start at $2,800 per person for seven nights

· Yoga Week – Devoted to holistic wellbeing and the rejuvenation of mind, body and spirit, this specialized retreat is created with yoga enthusiasts in mind. Highlights include: reiki energy healing, sound bowl meditation, vegetarian cooking classes and hiking in nature.

– Yoga Week is offered April 28-May 4

– All-inclusive rates start at $2,800 for seven nights

· Trailblazing Adventures: Hiking Week – Designed for experienced hikers, this week will offer a range of challenging hikes along with an overnight wilderness trek with off-site lodging, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts looking to explore scenic landscapes.

– Trailblazing Adventures Week is offered May 19-26

– All-inclusive rates start at $3,000 for seven nights

· Best Friends Getaway: The Ultimate Friendcation – Dedicated to creating lasting memories, forming deeper connections, and engaging in dynamic duo workouts, this week is the perfect blend of fitness and friendship. Timed to coincide with National Best Friends Day, June 8, friends can also expect cooking classes, spa treatments and more.

– Best Friends Week is offered June 2-9

– All-inclusive rates start at $2,800 per person for seven nights

· The Seasons of Change: Menopause Retreat – Created to embrace the natural changes of menopause, this retreat is tailored for women approaching or in menopause to learn more about diet, exercise, and hormonal shifts during the transformation.

– Seasons of Change Week is offered September 8-15

– All-inclusive rates start at $2,800 for seven nights

*May be an additional charge for blood work

Other themed weeks for 2024 include: Sibling Showdown (April 7-14) for those looking to rediscover sibling bonds; Singles Week (March 10-17) for those looking to make new connections; Family Fun Week (July 28-August 3) tailored for parents and children aged 16 and older; Full Throttle Week (June 30-July 7) for advanced returning alumni, and Spooktacular Alumni Week (October 27-November 3) for alumni to reunite and celebrate friendship and continued success around Halloween.

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Rock Springs Retreat is located at 732B Rock Springs Road, Castalian Springs, TN.

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