Please see links below for links to each school’s live-streaming graduation ceremony. The graduation schedule is available here.

School Date Time Location
Blackman High School Monday, June 22 8:20 PM BHS Football Field
Rockvale High School Tuesday, June 23 6:00 PM Rockvale HS Theater
Oakland High School Tuesday, June 23 7:00 PM Ray Hughes Stadium
Riverdale High School Thursday, June 25 7:00 PM RHS Football Field
Central Magnet School Friday, June 26 7:00 PM Siegel High School
Eagleville School Friday, June 26 5:00 PM Eagleville School
Smyrna High School Friday, June 26 1:00 PM Smyrna High School
Stewarts Creek High Friday, June 26 6:00 PM SCHS Football Field
Siegel High School Saturday, June 27 7:00 PM Siegel HS Football Field
LaVergne High School Sunday, June 28 3:00 PM LHS Football Field
Holloway High School Friday, July 10 7:00 PM LifePoint
Rutherford County Adult High School

Online Summer School

Friday, July 24, 2020 6:00 PM Siegel High School


The graduation schedule for each school can be found HERE.

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