Premier Pool Construction in Nashville: What to Expect from the Second Phase of Construction

By Peek Pools and Spas


Phase two is the part of pool construction where you trust the process! Your backyard becomes a construction site before it morphs into your dream oasis with the expert builders from Peek Pools and Spas. Our site supervisors and professional builders are our company’s greatest assets, so you can rest assured that they’ll have your construction site turned into a masterpiece in no time!

The second phase of pool construction includes three steps, and you will start to see your pool taking shape. These steps lay the groundwork for a solid foundation that stands the test of time and use. If you want to learn more about the first phase of pool construction, check out our blog which details steps one through three.

Phase two (steps four through six) of pool construction includes:

4. Steel Installation

You might look at a finished pool and assume it’s made only from concrete, but steel lines the entire frame of the pool! The fourth step of pool construction is steel installation which forms the skeleton of the pool for high-strength structural integrity. It requires bending and molding to shape the outside structure and any internal walls, spas, benches, or ledges to ensure your pool maintains its beautiful design throughout years of use.

Proper steel installation and formation is the key ingredient to a long-lasting and problem-free pool. This process takes approximately two days to complete as Peek Pools & Spas builders install oversized steel tied into a curtain format in 10-inch squares. Steel installation provides a durable foundation for the beautiful elements of your pool to live on.

5. Gunite

Next, pool construction moves to gunite application. Gunite is a form of concrete that begins dry instead of pre-mixed and uses only small particles instead of the large and small aggregates of typical concrete. For gunite application, a dry mix is spread through a hose with water added at the point of delivery. This process allows for immediate adjustment of water and dry mix, resulting in a smoother finish that is less prone to cracks than regular concrete.

Applying gunite can be a very technical process, so skilled workers like those at Peek Pools and Spas are required. Properly installed, a gunite pool will last for decades.

6. Tile and Coping

Tiling on your pool is more than just a decorative element: this step in pool construction actually serves several functional purposes. Tile coping includes the installation of tiles along the ledge of your pool that people grab onto when swimming or exiting a pool. Without this step in the pool construction process, your pool edge would simply be uncomfortable concrete! These tiles are typically made of materials with a grip, like natural stone, cantilever, or brick, because they do not become slippery like regular tiles.

Coping also connects with the tile along the inside of your pool wall, which helps prevent water from getting behind the shell of your pool. The tiles along the wall of your pool will typically be your decorative element, and their installation will show you the beautiful potential of your finished product!

Luxury Pool Construction with Peek Pools and Spas

If you dream of building a luxury oasis in your backyard, Peek Pools and Spas is ready to bring your vision to life. Their team custom designs each pool and outdoor living space to meet the needs and vision of every client. They’ve transformed the backyards of countless homes in Middle Tennessee into luxury backyard masterpieces that bring endless fun and relaxation.

Get started with your premier pool construction project today by contacting Peek Pools and Spas! Call 615-866-8800 or contact us online.

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