PHOTOS: Nolensville Little League Team Welcomed Home With Parade After Little League World Series Run


The community hosted a homecoming parade for the Nolensville Little League Team on Wednesday, August 31st at 6 pm.

The team returns home after finishing fourth in the Little League Baseball World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

The golf cart parade started at the Nolensville historic school greenway and traveled to the baseball fields at Nolensville Park, with supporters along the way giving high fives and chanting for the team. Each player had a decorated golf cart.

After arriving at Nolensville Park, the team took photos with fans and autographed baseballs. The Nesting Project in Nolensville presented the team with a $4,400 check in support of the team’s travel expenses.

In addition to being the runner-up for the U.S. Championship game, the fourth in the World at the Little League World Series, the team was awarded the Jack Losch Team Sportsmanship Award, voted on by the 20 participating teams, as well as the team hosts, volunteers, members of the media, and the Little League staff. The Jack Losch Little League Baseball World Series Team Sportsmanship Award recognizes the team that exemplifies a tremendous amount of sportsmanship both on and off the field, including the team’s time in the dormitories, dining hall, and interview room as well as their performance on the field.

Nolensville’s LLBWS Journey

Aug 28 – Nolensville played Chinese Taipei (Asia Pacific region), lost 2-0
Aug 27 – Nolensville played Honolulu, HI (West region), lost 5-1
Aug 25- Nolensville played Pearland, Texas (Southwest Region), winning 7-1
Aug 24 – Nolensville played Honolulu, HI (West Region), lost 13-0
Aug 22 – Nolensville played Hagerstown, IN (Great Lakes region), winning 5-2
Aug 19 – Nolensville played Santa Clara, UT (Mountain region), winning 11-2
Aug 17 – Nolensville played Middleborough, MA  (New England region), winning 5-3

How Nolensville Made it to LLBWS

Nolensville Little League captured the Southeast Region championship banner after winning four straight games and outscoring opponents 28-5 along the way. Led by experienced coach Randy Huth, who has brought a team to the Southeast Region tournament three out of the last five years, Nolensville Little League is building on their momentum as they make Tennessee’s 10th appearance in the LLBWS.

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