Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation Programs September 2021


Guardians of the Greenway

Thursdays in September

9:00 am -10:00 am

Keep the Greenway system clean of trash, all equipment provided.

Contact: Hailey Meyer, [email protected], 615-217-3017

September 9 @ Central Valley Trailhead

September 16 @ Fortress Rosecrans Trailhead

September 30 @ Cannonsburgh Trailhead

Wild Things at the Wilderness Station

Wednesdays in September

9:30 am and 10:45 am

Let the smallest among us get in touch with their wild side at the Wilderness Station! Sing songs, read a story, complete a craft, and conclude with a short walk. Each week focuses on a different nature theme. Registration is required the day before by calling 615-217-3017. Ages 1-4! $3/kid

Contact: Hailey Meyer, [email protected], 615-217-3017

Archery at the Wilderness Station

Saturday, September 11 from 9:30 am -11:30 am

A NASP-certified archery instructor will go over parts of the bow and arrow, technique, and then oversee the kids as they target shoot! This program requires a 2-mile roundtrip walk up to the archery range in the woods. Parents can stay or drop-off. Registration required by emailing [email protected] or calling 615-217-3017. Cost is $3/child.

Contact: Hailey Meyer, [email protected], 615-217-3017

Animals Encounters at Wilderness Station

Saturdays in September (NO meeting on September 4)

1:30 pm -2:00 pm

What is that crawling, slithering, sliding, flying, and hopping across the trail or even in your backyard? Each week, learn about one of our resident education animals for a mini-lesson of animals that call Tennessee home.This program is free for all ages.

Contact: Hailey Meyer, [email protected], 615-217-3017

Little Nature Yogis at the Nature Play Area at the Wilderness Station

Tuesdays in September from 9:30 am -10:00 am

Little one’s first yoga class! Meet in the Nature Play area outside the Wilderness Station with your yoga mat, blanket, or towel. Little yogis will move through simple and fun yoga poses (imagine animal poses like barking like a dog during downward dog). Plus, instructors may add music, art, or an age-appropriate mindfulness exercise. Parents are required to stay – parents can join or simply help your child with the poses. This class will utilize classes yoga poses but is just for fun and is NOT taught by a certified yoga instructor! This is a free program for ages 2-6.

Contact: Hailey Meyer, [email protected], 615-217-3017

Cannonsburgh Village

Toddler Time in the Village: Tractors

Tuesday, September 7 from 10:00 am -11:00 am

Get some outside time with during “Toddler Time in the Village: Tractors” on September 7th at 10:00 am. The Rawlins Tractor Shed is the perfect place to explore tractors of different sizes and colors. Kids will enjoy shucking corn, searching for their favorite tractor, and a story time. Admission is $3 per person with reservations required. Make your reservation by calling 615-801-2606 or email [email protected]. For ages 5 and under.

Contact: Mary Beth Nevills, [email protected], 615-801-2606

Fall Stencil Class at Cannonsburgh Village

Thursday, September 9 from 10:00 am -12:00 pm

Create a fun fall project on September 9th at 10:00 am. Keep your fall decoration you make for your home or give it as a gift. Stenciling is a fun way to use paints and be creative. Admission is $25 per person with reservations required. Make your reservation by calling 615-801-2606 or email [email protected]. For ages 12+.

Contact: Mary Beth Nevills, [email protected], 615-801-2606

Cannonsburgh Village Homeschool Day: Outside Games and Toys

Tuesday, September 14 from 10:00 am -11:30 am

Bring your family and friends to play yard games under the shade trees of the village on September 14th from 10:00am-11:30am. Experience games from the past that we still enjoy today. These games need no batteries to be fun! When done playing, you are welcome to bring a picnic lunch and eat at the picnic tables. Admission is $3 per person and reservations are required. This is one of several homeschool days planned for the 2021-2022 school year, so mark your calendars. Reservations can be made by calling 615-801-2606 or email [email protected].

Contact: Mary Beth Nevills, [email protected], 615-801-2606

Special Guided Tour: Telephone Building in Cannonsburgh Village

Tuesday, September 21 from 10:00 am -11:00 am

A special guided tour of the Telephone Building in Cannonsburgh Village on September 21st at 10:00 am. Learn about the history of the building, see the switchboard used, and view special objects in the collection. Make your reservation by calling 615-801-2606 or email [email protected]. Free for all ages.

Contact: Mary Beth Nevills, [email protected], 615-801-2606

Greenway Art Festival

Saturday, September 18 from 10:00 am -4:00 pm

Contact: Lisa Browning, [email protected], 615-801-2467

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