Major Windows 10 Update Happens Tuesday


It’s called the 1st Anniversary update, and it’s a big one. First off it’s your “last chance” to get Windows 10 updated on your laptops for free. More importantly, it’s going to streamline Windows 10, move all your icons and probably glitch some of your games and browsers and probably Facebook. According to here’s what to expect:

Windows Insiders have seen sneak peeks of AU features in preview builds over the past few months, including big changes like extensions for Microsoft Edge, the ability to run a third-party antivirus suite alongside Windows Defender, full-screen Game Bar support,multi-account switching for Skype’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app, and smarter inking features via Windows Ink.

All the Anniversary Update changes aren’t necessarily for the better, however. In mid-May, we learned that Microsoft may increase the number of promoted app tiles in the Start menu. There’s also an insane rumor that Windows-watcher Brad Sams recently reported on in his podcast: that internal AU builds at Microsoft include pop-up advertisements for apps and games when you have the Windows Store pinned to your taskbar. It’s far from clear, however, if this is just an internal test that will never see an actual release.

Microsoft advises that you’ll need roughly 3GB of internal storage space for the Anniversary Update, and don’t forget to do a backup before the big day arrives. For a more detailed look at how to get ready for the AU update, check out our previous tips on preparing for a hassle-free Windows 10 upgrade. continues:

The Start menu is getting a few tweaks that will make it a little different than what you have now. The most noticeable change is that the All apps option is gone. Instead, you’ll just get the alphabetized list of apps and programs the minute you open the Start menu. Meanwhile, items like the power button, the Settings app, and your account picture will move under a “hamburger” menu icon on the upper-left side.

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